The Resource Center awarded $35,000 in grants from NYSARC Trust Services

The Resource Center has been awarded $35,000 in grants from the Trustee Management Board of NYSARC Trust Services to support TRC’s guardianship and recreation programs.

NYSARC Trust Services administers supplemental needs trusts that improve the lives of people with disabilities while enabling them to maintain eligibility for public benefits programs such as Medicaid and Social Security Income. For 2017, NYSARC Trust Services fulfilled its commitment to enhancing the lives of people with disabilities by awarding $2,793,500 to chapters of The Arc New York statewide.

The Resource Center received $20,000 to provide guardianship services for people with intellectual and developmental disabilities who would not otherwise have a legal guardian or advocate. Supported by TRC staff and community volunteers, The Resource Center’s guardianship program provides guardianship supports and services to four people and is ready to assist one more person as a standby or alternate standby guardian. TRC’s guardianship program supports these people by giving them a sense of family and belonging, conducting person-centered planning and advocating on their behalf. TRC’s guardianship committee oversees their care and assists with making critical medical decisions and ensuring that the people receive needed care.

NYSARC Trust Services awarded The Resource Center $15,000 to develop recreational opportunities to enrich the lives of more than 100 people who TRC supports. The Resource Center used the funds to provide a range of recreational opportunities that included camping excursions, train rides, boat cruises, movies, concerts and theater productions, zoo and aquarium visits, football and hockey games, professional wrestling events, and monthly dances with a disc jockey and refreshments. The grant money also funded the construction of a basketball court at TRC’s home for adolescents, as well as a paddleboat and needed accessories for one of TRC’s day programs.

The Resource Center has supported people with disabilities and their families in Chautauqua County since 1958. To learn more about the services TRC provides, phone 483-2344 or visit

NYSARC Trust Services has administered supplemental needs trusts since 1972, helping more than 16,000 people with disabilities protect their eligibility for government benefits and improve their quality of life. NYSARC Trust Services’ programs give people with disabilities the opportunity to remain in their communities with greater comfort and independence while providing peace of mind to their family and loved ones.

NYSARC Trust Services administers first- and third-party supplemental needs trusts, pooled trusts for income and asset protection, and individual trusts. When protecting settlement proceeds with a NYSARC Community Trust, NYSARC Trust Services also can administer Medicare Set-Aside accounts. For more information, phone (518) 439-8323 or visit