National Grid honored at the 2018 Climate Leadership Awards

National Grid recently received an award in the Innovative Partnerships category at the 2018 Climate Leadership Awards in Denver. The Climate Leadership Awards honor corporations, organizations and individuals in the U.S. who address climate change by reducing carbon pollution and implementing positive planning initiatives. C2ES (The Center for Climate and Energy Solutions) and The Climate Registry select these honorees.

National Grid accepted the award for its partnership with Environmental Defense Fund (EDF), Google Earth Outreach and Colorado State University. Together, the organizations are working to target and repair National Grid’s largest nonhazardous leaks to improve the gas system. The partnership has already resulted in collecting data in NY that will also help inform repair and replacement efforts across National Grid’s entire U.S. territory, which includes communities in MA and RI.

“We are so proud to have collaborated with our partners on this work to strategically address non-hazardous methane emissions,” said Dan McNamara, vice president of Pipeline Safety and Compliance, National Grid. “This was a team effort that we believe will shape the future of the industry for the better, and create a more efficient natural gas system.”

The Climate Leadership Awards took place during the Climate Leadership Conference.