City springs into construction season

Spring is in the air and construction season is around the corner. For the city of Dunkirk it will be a busy season and the Common Council is getting a jump on it with several resolutions up for vote at tonight’s meeting.

Two of the city’s major parks will see construction this spring. If approved, resolution 15 of 2017 would hire LaBella Associates DPC for engineering and architecture services at Point Gratiot with a cost not to exceed $42,500. Similarly, Resolution 16 of 2017 would hire Barton & LoGudice for engineering and architecture services at Wright Park for construction of a splash pad, pickleball court, baseball field improvements and Pine Street reconstruction. Barton & LoGuidice were chosen out of six requests for proposals and the cost of their services will not exceed $75,000.

The Howard Avenue culvert project is another big project coming up this year, but it isn’t the only bridge over Crooked Brook the city is looking to replace.

If approved, resolution 14 of 2017 would authorize the immediate rehabilitation of the old stone bridge on Central Avenue. The resolution states that there are failing stones in the arch that adversely affect the integrity of the city’s sewer mains embedded in the structure and there is “imminent potential for complete failure of some of the stones” that support and encase the public utilities. Such failure could allow unsafe and unpermitted sewage discharge into the creek.

The city plans to work through shared services with Chautauqua County bridge engineers to repair the bridge. Resolution 14 would also approve a camera investigation of the two sanitary sewer pipes by Pipe-Eye Sewer Services Inc. of Bradford, Pennsylvania for $68,309. The resolution states that CHIPS funds will be used to cover the cost.

The final resolutions on tonight’s agenda accept the donation of 31 flower baskets from the Beautification Committee of Revitalize Dunkirk and approve several budget line modifications.

Mark Gugino is retiring from the Plumbing Board and his term will be filled by Larry Napieralski, expiring Dec. 31, 2020.

Section VI requests use of Promenschenkle Stadium on May 25-31 and June 3-4 for softball sectionals as well as the closure of Wright Park Drive and Pine and Warsaw streets. Sue Chaffee requests use of the pier for free Saturday morning Zumba classes in July and August and Terry Frazier requests permission for a bounce house at Point Gratiot on July 23.

The meeting will begin at 5:30 p.m. in the court room following a workshop at 5 p.m. and the Economic Development Committee meeting at 4 p.m., both in the mayor’s conference room at city hall.