Cassadaga Village Board approves budget

CASSADAGA — Another year, another lowered tax rate in the village of Cassadaga.

During the Cassadaga Village Board voted on and passed the 2017-2018 budget. According to village clerk Roxanne Astry, the tax rate will be decreased $0.24 per thousand dollars of assessed value, with the new rate being $3.62/thousand dollars of assessed value.

There is a $208 revenue from a decrease in real property taxes; an increase in transmission and distribution for the Mill Street water project of $130,000, where the water line will be replaced and the specs are currently out to the Department of Health; and a decrease of $89,200 due to the bond interest payment no longer needing to be paid.

A total of $6,783.65 will be added to the tax roll due to 19 residents that have not paid their water bills in two billing cycles.

Last year’s tax levy was $124,819; this year, it has been lowered to $124,612.

“Every year we have to do a constitutional tax limit, and what this is, once we put the budget together and figure out our rate, we have to send this on to the State Comptroller’s office, and this will tell you what the total amount we could raise as taxes as our limit — our constitutional tax limit, and it’s an average of the last five years,” explained Astry. “We could have a possible tax limit of $651,482. That’s the maximum we could raise on taxes. Our tax levy for this year $124,612, so we’re way under or constitutional tax limit. The tax limit exhaust is only 3.22 percent.”

“We could have raised our taxes $128,192 without going over our taxes, but we chose not to go over and even reduced from last year. We did not raise our water rates or our debt service,” announced Astry, to the delight of the board and residents