Brocton house rehabilitated

Mark Odell of Hydronic Specialty Supply, Brocton Mayor Richard Frost, and Dale Furman of HSS stand in the upstairs bedroom of the newly rehabilitated house on Fay Street in Brocton

BROCTON – After 17 months of restoration work, Mark Odell, Dale Furman and the rest of the crew at Hydronic Specialty Supply (HSS) have successfully transformed the property located at 10 Fay St. from being an eyesore and the least energy-efficient house in Brocton to what Odell called “Hands down, the most energy-efficient house in town.”

HSS, along with the Chautauqua County Land Bank Corporation, held an open house Thursday to showcase the remarkable rehabilitation work and to demonstrate the Land Bank’s mission, which is to “promote strong neighborhoods and vibrant communities by addressing blight, improving property values and transforming troubled properties into useful assets.”

The Land Bank purchased the property after it was left vacant for five years. Neighbors had come very close to buying the property in order to tear it down. But Land Bank stepped in, put it out to bid for rehabilitation and awarded the project to HSS.

HSS was originally going to rehab the house just enough to make it livable. But after a thorough inspection, Odell and his crew discovered that the building had “not a lick of insulation” in the walls.

“We gutted it out to the bare studs,” Odell said. “We rewired, replumbed, put in a whole new infrastructure and used sprayfoam insulation.”

HSS specializes in spray foam insulation and when all was said and done, the company went through 67 gallons of the material.

The result: 74 percent reduction in heating energy required to maintain a temperature of 72 degrees.

The home is also using 100 percent LED lighting and with the Heat Pump Water Heater system, it’s estimated that 3,684 kilowatts will be saved per year for hot water heating.

“I’m from here,” said Furman, who did much of the labor, including installing apoxy countertops in the kitchen. “I grew up here. I hate to see a town falling apart. The neighbors were going to buy this house and tear it down because it had become such a blight to the neighborhood. But the structure of the house is solid. There was no water damage to it even after a century.”

Odell said now that the home is officially owned by HSS, they have are planning on renting it out.

“We found a nice young family with a child looking to work in Fredonia at the college,” Odell said. “We set the bar high for the Land Bank so they really got something they can be proud of that fulfills their mission.”