Color change begins to east, slow in county

OBSERVER Staff Report

As October arrives with some cooler temperatures, an annual fall occurrence is becoming more visible.

According to the New York state fall foliage report issued this week for our region, foliage observers at Allegany State Park in Cattaraugus County expect 35 percent color change this weekend with touches of yellow and red leaves of average brilliance.

More color is emerging in the hills, while the parks’ oaks are still green.

Foliage hasn’t changed much over the past week in Chautauqua County. Spotters checking in from Chautauqua expect 10-15 percent color change in the northern and southern portions of the county and up to 25 percent change in the mid-county areas, where the elevation is higher. Look for touches of red, orange and yellow leaves of average brilliance.

In Springville, spotters are predicting 10 percent color change this weekend with some red leaves of average brilliance starting to show.