Creeley appointed as temporary trustee

OBSERVER Photo by Damian Sebouhian Catherine Creeley (right) was appointed as trustee for the village of Fredonia during Wednesday’s meeting. She was sworn in by Fredonia administrator Richard St. George.

Catherine Creeley was officially appointed as trustee for the Fredonia Village Board during Monday’s meeting. Creeley’s appointment effectively fills the vacancy left open by former trustee Marc Ruckman, who had resigned in June.

The board had decided during its Aug. 28 meeting to appoint the candidate who had received the second-highest vote total during last November’s election, if that candidate was available.

Creeley, who was a former appointee in 2016, had lost to current trustee Douglas Essek (R) in that election.

Creeley, who was sworn in at the beginning of Monday’s meeting by Village Administrator Richard St. George, will hold the position effectively starting Wednesday, Sept. 11 and ending December 31.