#FREDlanthropy Day is today

Today is the second #FREDlanthropy Day of Giving at the State University of New York at Fredonia. Fredonians of all affiliations are encouraged to take to the Fredonia social media pages and share their FREDfavorites, learn about the impact of donations around campus, and most importantly, spread the culture of FREDlanthropy by giving back through the Fredonia College Foundation.

This year, the #FREDlanthropy Day event will showcase alumni, students and current and emeritus faculty fondly remembering their times at Fredonia and sharing their stories. All are invited to join in on the celebration and contribute to the continued tradition of success by supporting #FREDlanthropy.

Organizers noted it is not the size of the gift, but rather the intent of the investment that makes an impact on the lives of Fredonians, and on the future of Fredonia. They added that a gift through the Fredonia College Foundation means even more as it shows a commitment to the spirit of #FREDlanthropy and can help unlock an additional donation from President Virginia Horvath. Follow the action @fredoniau on social media, or at www.fredlanthropy.com and share the message of #FREDlanthropy.

Associate Director Jennifer Michalek noted, “Each experience of Fredonia has undoubtedly been influenced by alumni and donors from previous generations — from the scholarships granted to deserving students, to the programs and departments shaping the educational journey, to the very buildings and learning spaces comprising the Fredonia campus. Fredonia is much more than an educational institution, and becomes a community and home for many. This is what we celebrate on #FREDlanthropy Day.”