Mayor closing in on 2018 budget

Dunkirk Mayor Willie Rosas predicts his budget will be ready to present on Oct. 13, despite some persistent unknowns.

“I would like to let the council know I am looking to present the budget on the 13th of this month,” he said Tuesday.

The biggest unknown at this point is the percentage of transition aid the city will receive from the state as a result of the dramatic decrease in the NRG payment in lieu of taxes (PILOT) payment.

“The governor did budget for 70 percent of our loss this year. Last year we received 80 percent, so there’s that 10 percent that we really want to get. I reached out to the governor’s office as well as Senator (Catharine) Young. Senator Young is helping us out. I have been communicating with her regularly and she is pretty much letting me know she is doing everything she can to get us the last 10 percent. I am hoping that we will receive that 10 percent because then it will be easier to complete the budget,” Rosas said.

He added some of the challenges to balancing the budget include ongoing and future capital projects to improve the city’s facilities and infrastructure.

Rosas would like to have it in writing that the city will again receive an 80 percent transition aid payment, but plans to move forward either way.

“I am hoping to hear by the end of this week. I heard from her (Tuesday) and she said she needed more time,” Rosas added. “… We’ll move forward with the budget process and I do plan on presenting it next week.”