Perrysburg working on sewer project

PERRYSBURG — After a report done by MDA Consulting Engineers, PLLC in 2015, Perrysburg Town Board saw the needs to address from the spills in the sewer system. With costs rising in the sewer rehabilitation project due to unforeseen problems, the board approved to move forward with a less extensive, less costly project to prioritize the essential fixes.

“We identified a number of items that should be addressed to prevent that from happening in the future,” Jake Alianello of MDA said. “The DEC reviewed our report and at this point, the town has prioritized it and started working on the highest priority.”

The board is moving ahead with the fixtures, though the scope of the work diminished. Difficulties raised the price of the work.

One problem the board faced in the project was the clean outs, which ranked lower in the priority list, down at the Gowanda High School. The area hasn’t seen mishaps, but the clean outs were buried. The clean outs, as Alianello explained, are used for accessing the sewer and putting cleaning equipment down. At some point in the last 20 years, Gowanda’s baseball field was redone, and covered the clean outs. Alianello stated this isn’t uncommon.

There is no easy solution to finding the specific locations of the clean outs and when the work went out to bid, this raised the cost, heavily.

The lowest bid was $99,800, which is around the expected budget of the town, but the work being done was decreased since the project began.

“Basically, it sounds like those numbers are a little bit (higher),” Alianello said at a recent board meeting. “Some of the bid items, one bid item in particular, is quite higher than you might say that we estimated. That was to put clean outs down at the Gowanda school.”

Alianello added that “putting the clean outs in is one thing, but locating the line to be able to put them on is another.”

The town reviewed many options and settled with a change order. The contractor agreed to lower the price of the work by $28,500, thus the total would be $71,300, if the work at the school was removed.

The idea was to prioritize the immediate need that needed to be done soon, and address the other issues later.

“We are going to get the main things done: the meter and the air vac valve,” Perrysburg Water/Sewer Superintendent Robin Clark said. “I think those are the big things. If it blows up down there (at the baseball field), then we know where the line is,” he added jokingly.

Approximately $120,000 is in the reserve for the sewer department, according to Clark, though with the possibility of immediate need, the town looked to have money left over.

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