Reed campaign raises more than $1.4 million

Tom Reed for Congress continued its record-breaking breaking growth, raising over $1.4 million to date for the 2017-18 election cycle and continuing to add new volunteers to our grassroots organization, the group announced last week.

“We are thankful to have the support of the hundreds of people who have given to our campaign this year,” Reed said. “Those donations represent real people who are responding to our bipartisan, practical approach to government. As we close out the year, our focus remains on getting things done for the 23rd District and the nation. We have embraced our role as a bi-partisan leader. With major issues like tax reform, healthcare, and immigration facing Congress, we’re bringing people together to find solutions.”

“The campaign is growing every day and is in its strongest position ever at this point in the election cycle,” said Nicholas Weinstein, campaign manager for Tom Reed for Congress. “As we build momentum, our opponents continue wholeheartedly embracing an extreme liberal agenda of socialized healthcare, gun control and job killing environmental policies. While they play politics and fight to win the support of radical liberal activists, we will continue advancing the common sense agenda supported by the silent majority of the 23rd Congressional District.”

The Reed campaign has raised a total of $1,409,940 so far this election cycle.

Background on the other candidates in New York’s 23rd Congressional District:

¯ Rick Gallant raised $4,858 and currently has $17,282 in the bank according to his filing.

¯ Eddie Sundquist raised $26,397 and currently has $15,771 in the bank according to his filing.

¯ Ian Golden raised $39,845 and currently has $23,978 in the bank according to his filing.

¯ Max Dellapia raised $4,395 and currently have $6,209 in the bank according to his filing.

¯ Tracy Mitrano, J.G. Hertzler, Brian Clasby, Karl Warrington, and Charles Whalen have announced their candidacies for Congress but have not filed reports with the FEC.

¯ Jason Leifer of Dryden announced this summer that he was exploring a campaign for Congress but has not clarified his intentions.