Dunkirk school district hires technology coordinator

The Dunkirk school board held a special meeting recently, passing three resolutions, including appointing Jeremy Dobek, of Dunkirk, to the position of technology director.

Dobek will begin his six-month probationary period on Thursday with an annual salary of $65,000.

The probationary period is also part of a three-year trial period. If successful Dobek will become the director of technology.

The second resolution involved the hiring of Tara Jaske, of Westfield, appointed to the position of clerk 2, Grade 2, Step 12. She will be working in the technology office at the administration building.

Thirdly, the board approved payroll adjustments, one for Julie Hebner to provide time sheet data entry and tax reporting; one for Donna Kaschalk for additional work duties; and one for Julie Green for additional work duties.