Seventeen charged with using fake drivers licenses in Fredonia

OBSERVER Staff Report

Undercover officers of the New York State Department of Motor Vehicles’ Fraud Unit and the Fredonia Police Department arrested 17 individuals for allegedly possessing fraudulent driver’s licenses.

In an operation conducted on Feb. 8, the undercover officers were reviewing the licenses of patrons entering downtown bars and found 17 of them to be fake.

This was the second detail of this nature to occur in Fredonia, the first being on Dec. 8, 2017, resulting in 26 individuals being arrested.

Subjects arrested were as follows:

Sarah A. Pearson, 19

Michael P. Dineen, 20

Jack A. Webber, 19

Alexis H. Petit, 19

Brianna D. Maldonado, 19

Alexis M Dwyer, 20

Joseph C. Donovan, 20

Chandler L. Guynn, 20

Katelyn E. McMindes 20

Elyssa K. Synor, 19

Codie C. McCool, 20

Kayln M. Ballotin, 19

Sarah G. Morgan, 21 (was 20 years old at the time of the arrest)

Kraig S. Gilbert, 20

Ashley L. Kowal, 19

Daniel F. Judson, 19

Danielle E. Zareski, 19

Plans are being made for further investigations.

All arrested were released on appearance tickets and are scheduled to appear in court on a later date.