Westfield Fire Department releases monthly summary for January

The Fire Department of Westfield responded to 52 calls for service during the month of January. Of those calls, 44 were for emergency medical services, with 23 of those calls being within the village of Westfield and 11 of them within the town of Westfield. There were six EMS responses to Absolut Care, and four mutual aid calls to Ripley.

There were three fire calls in January. There was one response in the village for a fire alarm activation at 26 Cass St., Absolut Care. The other two fire calls were in the town. The first was a smoke alarm at 8121 Munson Road, and the second was a vehicle fire at 8494 Route 20.

There were five service calls during the month of January. The service calls consisted of one local transport to Westfield Memorial Hospital, a flooded basement at 7585 Bliss Road, wires arcing at 8325 Route 20, a flooded basement at 74 Oak St. and a transformer fire at 8864 Route 20.

The 52 responses in January was a decrease from the 61 responses in December.

With cold temperatures keeping people inside, February is a good month to make a home fire escape plan. Begin by drawing a map of your home showing all of the doors and windows. Visit each room and find two ways out. Make sure all windows and doors open easily. If you are not able to use them to get outside make the necessary repairs. Designate a meeting place outside of your home in the event of a fire. It should be in front of your home. The first person who reaches a point of safety outside the home should call 9-1-1 to report the fire. Make sure your house or building number can clearly be seen from the street. Discuss your escape plan with everyone in your home, and practice your home fire drill.

An effective home fire escape plan that is updated and practiced on a regular basis can save lives.