Reed calls on Albany to cut spending

CORNING — Gov. Andrew Cuomo recently made the following remarks in regards to the New York State budget, where the governor admitted that spending cuts are the only option if taxes are not increased:

“If they don’t approve that and if we have no revenues, then they’re going to be voting for a cut in education and a cut in Medicaid,” Cuomo said. “If that’s what they want to do, then let the Republicans do that.”

“New York State needs to get spending under control, and cuts to wasteful and non-efficient programs needs to happen to make New York more competitive,” Reed said in response.

The state also spends nearly three times as much on Medicaid as Florida and almost double per recipient, despite having very similar populations.

In addition to calling on Albany to work together to get the budget under control, Reed also advised for lawmakers to follow the lead of Washington and pass meaningful tax reform to make New York a better state in which to do business.

“At the federal level, tax reform has allowed hardworking taxpayers to keep more of their dollars and allowed businesses to make investments in whatever opportunities they want to pursue to grow the economy and their companies,” Reed added.

“I’m glad the governor is recognizing that you cannot increase taxes anymore on our fellow New Yorkers, because they’ve had enough,” Reed said.