State Police, AAA urge caution amid winter weather

In preparation for the anticipated winter weather storm today, New York State Police and AAA Western and Central NY encourage motorists to exercise due care when traveling.

The State Police will be out across the region checking all major routes of travel to ensure that motorists are as safe as possible. The State Police are putting additional patrols out for the anticipated weather conditions to assist motorists. The State Police need your assistance to make this possible. Motorists traveling in areas impacted by the snow are asked to leave with extra time to make a slow and careful drive to your destination. Take into consideration snow accumulation on the roads, the current snowfall rate, the wind, and visibility. Use your best judgment to determine if driving is prudent.

Keep the following tips in mind:

¯Get the latest weather forecast before leaving with your local weather apps, monitor radio or TV stations.

¯Always clean your windows and mirrors FULLY of any snow and ice before driving.

¯Keep a full tank of gas

¯Fluid levels are sufficient ( windshield washer fluid, ant-freeze)

¯Spare tire is sufficient and you have the jack and wheel wrench

¯Use headlights at all times to increase your visibility to others. Remember, if your windshield wipers are in use due to weather, then your headlights must be on.

¯Drive prudently. If the conditions are adverse, you should decrease your speed accordingly.

¯Brake early

¯Do NOT use cruise control. This decreases your reaction time to apply braking.

¯Look out for events farther down the road. Creating more time to react can make a difference.

¯ Be aware of maintenance vehicles and emergency vehicles. Give them room to work.

¯ If you do not absolutely have to go out on the roads, then don’t.

“As we get our first dose of winter weather, motorists should prepare their cars and pack an emergency roadside kit complete with a cell phone charger or power bank. It’s important to use winter driving skills as slick roads create dangerous situations,” said Elizabeth Carey, public relations director at AAA WCNY. “During storm conditions, AAA will prioritize emergencies when responding to service calls. We urge all drivers to obey all travel advisories and use caution when traveling.”