Hanover discusses Town Hall roof repairs

HANOVER — Councilmember Louis Pelletter updated the Hanover board during a recent workshop regarding the state of the town hall’s roof that was found to be leaking in the historical room after a February snowstorm.

“(Empire Erectors) checked the roof and there’s no hole in the roof at this time, although it’s chalking and starting to rust,” Pelletter said.

Pelletter added that the Town Hall is 30 years into it’s 35-year life-span.

“I’m thinking that maybe the seal broke between the panels and some warm air hit it when we had all that snow,” he said, adding that the workers from Empire Erectors taped up the damaged area.

Since then, there have been no reports of leaking, but Pelletter requested a cost estimate from Empire Erectors about a cost-effective way of venting the room.

“He said he’d talk to an engineer and architect,” Pelletter said. “It’s not leaking now, but we have to decide what we want to do with the snow load and getting somebody to shovel if there’s a lot of snow.”

Pelletter said that it’s not an option to go with Highway Superintendent Steve D’Angelo, because he’s busy plowing the roads during snowstorms.

D’Angelo voiced his concerns about the weight of the solar panels on the roof during heavy snowfall which had caused the roof to flex earlier this month.

“Moving those solar panels is going to be an issue,” Pelletter replied. “They’re clipped on, but we still have to put them somewhere.”

Pelletter suggested that the town puts some money aside “to move the solar panels and redo the roof and see if we can get somebody to maintain it.”

No action was taken by the board, but a proposal may be in the works from Pelletter in the near future to address the issue.