July activity released for Fredonia police, fire, code enforcement

Fredonia’s police, code enforcement and fire departments issued reports for July, which were released at the Aug. 27 Village Board meeting.

The Fredonia Police Department had 626 incidents reported to it in July. Among these there were 21 accidents, 23 vehicle and traffic tickets and 13 parking tickets. The village police made 27 arrests in the month.

For July, the Fredonia Fire Department handled 156 emergency calls, up slightly from 149 in June. There were 107 rescue and emergency medical services calls, down from 119 in June. There were seven total fire calls — three in the village, two on the Thruway and two mutual aid calls. A total of 13 false alarms came in.

Fredonia’s Code Enforcement Department collected $7,845 in total fees as compared to $7,205 in June. It took in $3,395 in revenue for 25 permits. It conducted 111 inspections, way up from 25 in June. The rise was spurred by 54 rental inspections, likely conducted in preparation for the return of SUNY Fredonia students in late August. The code enforcers found five violations, all of which were fixed.