Young wants commission to move on NRG repowering

Calling for progress to continue on the repowering of NRG Dunkirk, Sen. Catharine Young (R,C,I – 57th District) today issued a letter to the Public Service Commission requesting the Commission’s open docket be closed and the 2014 National Grid and NRG Energy Term Sheet agreement authorization be continued.  

The repowering of NRG Dunkirk has long been a mission of Senator Young, so that the plant can continue to serve as an economic catalyst for the community, and all of Western New York.

“The PSC issued their request for comments in May 2016, and the public comment period closed in July. The Commission continues to hear loudly and clearly from our community that there is broad-based support for the repowering project because the Dunkirk plant is important to our economy and people’s quality of life. When the federal lawsuit against NRG was withdrawn on Friday, November 18, we cheered because it was a crucial step in restarting the repowering process,” said Senator Young.

Young said she has spoken to NRG officials, and they have been taking the necessary steps to begin the repowering work since the lawsuit by Entergy was withdrawn in November. One of the few hurdles that remain is the open PSC docket on the project.

“The contract between NRG and National Grid that will repower the NRG coal plant into a clean, natural gas plant is still in place, and NRG has begun the necessary ground work to move the repowering forward. I urge the PSC to act quickly so that the promises made to the people of Dunkirk can be realized. The repowering will bring back good-paying jobs, stabilize the tax base, reduce costs for consumers and provide base load energy to the manufacturers who can secure Western New York’s future,” said Senator Young.

Senator Young also applauded the community’s continued support, which she cited as a strong reason for Lt. Gov. Kathy Hochul expressing the Governor’s continued support for the project when she visited the city last month.