Roach problem over after guilty plea

SHERIDAN — David Roach, who pleaded guilty Jan. 20 to one count of petit larceny for stealing items from the Sheridan Department of Public Facilities last April, is no longer an employee of the town.

He has been relieved of his duties, Sheridan Town Supervisor Louis Delmonte confirmed on Thursday.

Roach, 58, had been a DPF municipal employee when he was caught on camera taking materials from the highway barn without permission and putting them into his personal vehicle. From the time of the incident’s discovery to the time Roach pleaded guilty, he had been on paid leave, having put off his final court date since July.

And, despite the length of the process and the expense to the town, Sheridan officials were at least satisfied that justice has finally been carried out.

“He had his day in court,” said Councilman Richard Feinen.

Roach received a one-year conditional discharge for his offense, according to the Hanover Town Court clerk’s office.

However, Roach’s union is expected to appeal the town’s decision, which would begin another lengthy arbitration process.

Jeffrey Feinen, DPF supervisor, was not available for comment, though Delmonte said a notice seeking Roach’s replacement would be publicized soon.

In the month of January, the DPF rang up 147.5 hours of overtime, according to the town’s report, at least some of which was attributed to being “short staffed” due to Roach’s absence and then termination.