Silver Creek sidewalks in need of improvement

OBSERVER Photo by Greg Fox: The sidewalks in Silver Creek are considered to be severely lacking, and relatively dangerous. The village hopes that with some impending grant funds, the situation in a number of heavily-trafficked areas could be remedied.


OBSERVER Staff Writer

The village of Silver Creek is hoping for some improvements to the municipality in the near future, including volunteer clean-up efforts, new signs and hopefully, new sidewalks.

According to Mayor Nick Piccolo, the state budget has passed, which includes some Consolidated Funding Application monies, so the village hopes, with that funding, some downtown sidewalk replacement can begin.

“Once we see the new guidelines and the outline of the CFA funding, we’ll be able to proceed with that and hopefully get some grants to help with the sidewalk replacement, especially doing down on the Four Corners where the light is,” said Piccolo. “The bricks have all settled, and you have about a two-inch lip to where people are subjected to tripping and falling and having a hazard.”

Piccolo also mentioned something that has happened in the past, which the board could once again consider, is that the planning board went door-to-door, requesting residents to consider sidewalk replacement as a group or as a block.

“If this CFA grant comes in with changes, we can include what we want to do in the downtown business area and extend it for sidewalk money,” Piccolo said, noting that areas such as Buffalo and Parkway streets are in desperate need of some upgrades.

Signs will also be going up in downtown Silver Creek, stating that there will be no left turns into the bank parking lot at any time. Earlier, the village had considered making it just on weekdays, but then changed its mind after realizing that left weekends open to left turns, when there would be heavier traffic in the village.

“We’re going to start and enforce no left turns into the bank parking lot, and we’re going to prosecute to the limit,” Piccolo assured the board. “Sheriff’s said once the signs are up, they’re going to enforce it.”

Also, weather permitting, the Girl Scouts will be doing some clean-up in the village square today. The village will be providing the volunteers with containers, bags and anything else they may need.

Piccolo stated that he received some phone calls from seniors, wondering if there was anything that could be done to help them out with preparing for spring clean-up, so the village will be approaching local Girl Scout and Boy Scout organizations to see if they’d be willing to take on any projects.