Arkwright: Almost turbine and fly-car ready

The town of Arkwright is close to beginning the process of installing the foundations that will soon hold the Arkwright Wind Farm, as well as being ready to introduce fly-cars to the area’s EMS process.

Kaplan Ingalls, Arkwright Wind Summit’s project manager, attended the July board meeting to describe what’s coming up in the construction process.

“Lot’s of activity going on. We’ve got contractors lined up; we’re getting their contracts in place. We should be starting with a lot more work that you’ll be seeing on a regular basis in the next couple of weeks,” said Ingalls.

It is hoped that the turbines will start rolling into town in early 2018. Right now, the Arkwright Wind Summit people are having weekly meetings with National Grid to keep things moving on the interconnection needed to keep the wind towers running.

Chris Wichlacz, EMS planning technician, asked what the highest number of people would be coming into town at one time, between contractors, workers and more. Ingalls estimated that number to be no more than 150-200 people.

“(But) that’s on the busiest day,” Ingalls specified. “There will be a lot of people on the ground when we get the turbine components, getting all of that stuff in place. The busiest times are yet to come.”

Afterwards, Wichlacz gave a brief update on the fly-car system, stating that the contracts have been signed allowing Emergency Services to use the Arkwright Town Hall.

“Fly cars should be up and running after August 3, I think is the date,” confirmed Wichlacz. “They are actually starting to run in certain areas.”

He added, “Just because of staffing right now, the way the county works, there’s a lot of holdup on getting people into place and getting through Human Resources. …(But) cars are in and ready to go. Everything is purchased. Everything is there.”