Athenex trudging along

OBSERVER File Photo Soon, the 32 acres of land behind this sign at the future Athenex site will be cleared out and shovel ready.

Councilman Juan Pagan and Supervisor Richard Purol of the Dunkirk Town Board gave a brief update on Athenex progress at this month’s board meeting.

“On July 12, we had a variety of representatives from the state and Athenex people concerning the project. It’s moving forward,” Pagan confirmed. “It’s hopeful, at some point soon, they’ll come to the town of Dunkirk and move some soil, shovel ready, have a photo opportunity hopefully, and we’ll keep moving forward with that.”

Pagan also stated that the Chautauqua County Industrial Development Agency is addressing Athenex as far as tax concerns, but admitted that the IDA did not elaborate on that, though Purol did say that the IDA is hoping to help mitigate some of the costs of the state-run facility.

Later at the meeting, Purol said, “They’re progressing. They are going to start brush chopping. There’s 32 acres of land there.

“… We also gave them a couple of demolition permits for the buildings out front (along Route 5), but state law says you have to have an asbestos survey, so they have to accomplish that before they can tear them down.”

On Tuesday, a public hearing was held by the IDA on Athenex to let stakeholders know that it will be working with Athenex to try to help out in any way that it can.