Cassadaga floating stage hosts ‘Big Tone Band’ Sunday

CASSADAGA — Big Tone Band, a blues and classic rock group featuring four Chautauqua County natives, is coming to the floating stage in Cassadaga on Sunday, July 23, from 5-7 p.m.

Keith Medley, guitarist, lead vocalist and songwriter; Willie Fuentes, bass guitarist; Randy VanWey, drummer; and Kevin Way, keyboardist have been performing together for about five years, even though Big Tone Band itself has been around for about double that.

“Keith and Willie have been together in various bands for the last 30 years, and I think Big Tone has been around, I wanna say about 10 years, and then Randy’s been playing with them for about six years, I want to say, and I’ve been with them for about five,” said Way, who is also a music teacher at Fredonia Middle School.

The band plays about 3-4 times a month in various places around Chautauqua County, but has yet to play in Cassadaga.

“We don’t play a lot in Cassadaga because there’s not a lot of venues that play live music in Cassadaga, so it’s nice to get an opportunity to play in front of some audience members that we don’t normally get to see,” Way said. “We’d love to do whatever we can (in Cassadaga) in the future.”

So on July 23, head on down to the Cassadaga Beach. Bring your chairs, or even pull up to the stage by boat. The Kiwanis hot dog stand will also be in attendance. The event is free, and sponsored by the Cassadaga Lakes Association.