Dale Drive project in Cassadaga is moving forward

The Chautauqua County Planning Board was excited to announce that funding had been approved for the Dale Drive project.

“The Dale Drive TAP application funding was approved unanimously by the Legislature at the June meeting,” said Pat Gooch, board liaison. “I believe it was signed by the county executive, so that means that the project is going to move forward.”

The project is a $588,000 undertaking that will pave the shoulders of Dale Drive, while widening the shoulder and decreasing the size of the travel lanes. This is a project a majority of Dale Drive — and Cassadaga residents — are excited to see come to fruition.

“It was implied that there had not been communication with the residents along the route. … I was surprised because … it seemed like a no-brainer that there was a lot of support for it and wondered if there was anything different that could or should have been done,” asked Planning Board member Rick Ketcham.

Gooch was the one who took the lead on getting the Dale Drive applications through and said, “Even if we knock on every door, which Legislator Mark Odell did, on Dale Drive there, to gauge their opinion on that, even with doing that, you can’t win everyone’s support. We knew that there’d be at least one or two people that objected to this, because this project was brought up in the past and the opposition in some way, but there was more support.”

The board also explained that neither of the shoulders would go outside of the highway right-of-way in any area, and there could be “sharrows” painted on the road at some point — but it depends on the regulations, and what the county is allowed to do with the space.

“Its a beautiful place to walk; we do a lot of business on Dale Drive, and there’s a lot of traffic there,” said Planning Board member John Penhollow.

“It’s a tight timetable from here on out, so I’ll keep you guys abreast of any changes or development,” Gooch reassured the board.