Pine Valley School District to see its meal prices increase

Terry Brown, PVCS cook manager

SOUTH DAYTON — The Pine Valley Central School District has decided to increase meal costs by 20 cents across the board.

This comes after a stipulation was included in the most recent budget saying that the cafeteria fund was no longer going to be contributed to from the general fund. This leaves the cafeteria committee with having to find other ways to bring in revenue.

Jamie Rodgers, Pine Valley’s assistant business executive, stated that the last meal plan price increase was a couple of years ago, so it was important to take another look at the prices. This year, the cafeteria committee also decided to look into the meal costs of surrounding districts, as well.

“Most schools are charging more than what we’re charging,” Rodgers confirmed. “So after looking at all of this information, Terry (Brown, cook manager) and I kind of thought, ‘Well, let’s see about increasing the prices possibly 20 cents.’ So if we were to increase the prices 20 cents for breakfast and lunch, that could potentially bring in an estimated revenue of $8,000.”

As of the end of May, the cafeteria fund is at $13,000, but that’s with the general fund portion of $10,000 — a portion that is not going to be available in the coming years.

“If every paid student purchased a breakfast and a lunch, we’re looking at possibly $2 a week extra for students who pay,” Rodgers said.

Brown added, “Pine Valley, as far as breakfast goes, I think we’re really decent, compared to other districts and what I’ve seen them give. A lot of them are doing the continental breakfast, where they’ll just pick up a fruit bar or Pop-Tarts and stuff. We have (breakfast sandwiches), pretzel buns, ham and cheese, breakfast pizza on Fridays — I think they really have a decent breakfast for the price we’re charging them.”

For the upcoming school year, the board voted for the prices to be as follows: elementary and junior/senior high school breakfast $1.50; adult breakfast $2.25; elementary school lunch $1.50; junior/senior high school lunch $1.75; and adult lunch $4.