Summer campus construction underway

OBSERVER Photo by Amanda Dedie Parts of Ring Road (primarily near the Williams Center) are closed off this summer for construction.

Summertime is the ideal construction time — especially on a college campus, where you’d be hard pressed to find a large number of students that could impede progress.

There are five main projects being done this summer on The State University of New York College at Fredonia campus, including work on the campus Academic Spine, McEwen Hall and Dods Hall, according to Markus Kessler, director of Facilities Planning.

Campus Academic Spine

“Given the challenges of the continued annual reductions in capital and critical maintenance funding, the SUNY Construction Fund moved forward with the option to remove failing sections of the Spine that was completed in summer 2016,” said Kessler.Plans have been developed to redesign the entrances to McEwen Hall, the Daniel A. Reed Library and the Williams Center, which incorporate code requirements and a redesign of the pedestrian promenade that aerially and on foot incorporates I.M. Pei concepts to “recreate the Spine’s aesthetic intent.”

This work includes installation of curved concrete seating walls and unit pavers that outline the original concaved concrete columns. The new main path will have the same layout as the original, and the McEwen Hall entrance will have a new canopy that reflects the original spine, with board-formed concrete panels and columns.

McEwen Hall Exterior Rehab

McEwen Hall is a board-formed, concrete building with original single pane, steel-frame window system. According to Kessler, many of McEwen’s windows have developed leaks that have caused damage to interior finishes, and have become a maintenance issue.

This summer’s work will consist of removing the existing windows and replacing them with new, energy-efficient units and abating all hazardous materials that are associated with the existing windows.

In addition to the windows, the exterior exposed board-formed cracked and spalling concrete was repaired in the summer of 2016.

Replace Air Handling Units and Controls, Phase II & III

(Reed Library South/McEwen Hall)

“The existing AHU’s linked to Reed Library North and McEwen Hall are original to the buildings, and the Campus has encountered numerous repairs. Because of the number of repairs and the age of the units, the campus recognizes that it is inevitable that these units will need to be replaced,” said Kessler. “This project is one of several phases that consists of replacing air handling units and controls within various buildings.”

The first Phase Reed Library North was completed the summer of 2015.

Dods Hall

Exterior Rehab

The existing and original 1962 single-glazed and metal panel window system and exterior vestibule doors are past life expectancy, and are the only remaining window systems that have not been replaced within the Dods/Steele Hall complex. This project will remove hazardous material in the window systems, provide energy efficiency, enhance the exterior appearance, and complete the window replacement within the complex.

Dods Hall Air Conditioning Upgrade

With the replacement of the window systems and exterior vestibule doors under the Dods Hall Exterior Rehab project, the existing use of window unit air conditioners can no longer be accommodated, according to Kessler.

“It should also be noted that the window air conditioning units are not energy-efficient, need to be removed and reinstalled on a yearly basis, as well as the need for constant maintenance or replacement,” Kessler added. “Providing a stable, more central air conditioning system for 14 offices and three classrooms would be more economical in the end, and will allow the campus to meet the current energy codes.”

Fredonia is hopeful these improvements will pay off and make the campus even more aesthetically pleasing and efficient than ever.