Young picked to serve on council to protect women’s rights

State Sen. Cathy Young

State Sen. Cathy Young is taking on a new role in Albany to advance more opportunities for New York’s women and young females.

Young, R-Olean, was picked to serve as a legislative ambassador to the first-ever New York State Council on Women and Girls. Gov. Andrew Cuomo recently launched the council in an effort to protect and advance the opportunities for women and young females.

The council is comprised of state government leaders who will ensure policy and programs recognize the experiences and issues women and young females face. The council will also have a steering committee made up of educational, business, advocacy and nonprofit leaders who will inform and direct the council’s work.

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When asked to serve, Young said she didn’t hesitate to say yes. Young said she’s looking forward to providing her input to create more opportunities for women and young girls, especially from a rural perspective.

“I immediately said yes because it sounds like a wonderful way to bring forward a lot of very important issues that are important to us,” Young said. “There are many distinguished women from around the state who are serving on this council, but I want to make sure our needs are also represented at the table.”

Young emphasized the need to ensure young women have the best learning opportunities in the classroom and the ability to have workforce training and career opportunities when they get older. In rural areas, she said it’s difficult at times to have economic, educational and other opportunities that other regions may have access to.

“We need to have more resources and more attention and focus on women and young girls in rural areas,” she said.

Young said the opportunity to serve could present good legislative ideas to ensure people obtain the best education to get a family sustaining job.

The council will hold quarterly meetings and will focus on nine impact areas that include education, economic opportunity, workforce, leadership, health care, child care, safety, STEM and intersectionality.

“New York remains committed to protecting women’s rights, and with the launch of the first-ever New York State Council on Women and Girls, we are sending a clear message to the nation and world that everyone deserves a chance to achieve the American dream,” Cuomo said.

The council will be chaired by Melissa DeRosa, secretary to the governor. Assemblywoman Crystal Peoples-Stokes, D-Buffalo, will join Young as a legislative ambassador.