Hanover approves bid for town hall renovations


HANOVER — During a special meeting held recently, the Hanover Town Board approved the only bid it received — from Horizon Masonry — to complete exterior renovations to the town hall, located at 68 Hanover St.

The project is part of a mold-abatement effort, which was diagnosed earlier in the summer.

The original total price for the renovation project was estimated at $95,000, but it was determined that the town could save $24,000 by switching from 20-gauge steel to 22 gauge, “which would take it to a cost project of $70,500,” said Supervisor Todd Johnson.

“The contractor stated that (using 22-gauge steel) wouldn’t make too much of a difference of what we’re looking to do,” Johnson said.The project will most likely begin sometime next week and is estimated to take 10 weeks.

“We’re looking at September, October, half of November,” Johnson said. “So, hopefully before Thanksgiving.”

The board also approved amendments to its collective bargaining agreement with Teamsters Local 264, Buffalo.

“We had three questions and concerns that needed to be reviewed and re-worded within our contract,” Johnson said. “One … with sick leave; the other one was regarding vacation time. The other one was regarding safety clothing with the addition being the sewer department where before it was just with water and highway.”

Johnson identified a fourth issue relating to overtime pay that was included in the amendments.

“It was added in there that comp time is not to exceed 40 hours per calendar year,” Johnson explained. “At a rate of time-and-a-half, employees had elected to utilize that in lie of overtime pay not to exceed 40 hours in a calendar year; also, once used, they could not continue to accumulate more than 40 hours.”

The contract negotiations with the town and the teamsters had been going on for nearly three years.

“Finally we can hopefully get this put to bed where, in that point of time, we can have a signed agreement with the entire town board,” said Johnson. “We’ve had a great relationship (with the teamsters). This was something that was actually brought back in June of 2016, where the town initially signed off on it, but there were still a couple of issues that were outstanding.”