Perrysburg pays tribute to supervisor

PERRYSBURG — It was fitting for the man who recently passed away as he left behind a legacy of dedication to the community and the nation that he loved. Dennis Stopen, the supervisor for Perrysburg until his passing on Aug. 27, served in the United States Navy and fought for his country during the Vietnam War.

As the town board entered a new situation without Stopen at the helm, Town Councilman Dennis Parker asked for a moment of silence for the 9/11 victims and the passing of Stopen.

The consistent group that marks its second Monday of every month off specifically for the Perrysburg Town Board meeting stood in silence with each person’s arm grasping the other near the waist and as they looked down. The moment was only a matter of seconds, but the meaning of a lifetime.

After the board members took their seats at a table in front of a wall that memorialized Perrysburg veterans, the regular meeting continued to go through the agenda, just with a different voice than usual.

Stopen’s funeral services are handled by Schindler Funeral Home, 44 Center St., Gowanda. The Memorial Mass will be on Saturday at 11 a.m. from the St. Joseph’s RC Church on East Main Street in Gowanda.