An artist’s rendering of the new Brooks Memorial Hospital.

A selection for a new Brooks Memorial Hospital has been made.

The Brooks board of directors today announced the new location is behind 3710-3724 East Main Road in the town of Pomfret, which is to the east of Route 60 intersection and opposite the Sears location. The site was chosen from more than two dozen potential locations, mainly for regulatory and infrastructure purposes.

Today, the hospital filed a “certificate of need” with the New York state Department of Health for its new hospital project.

The regulatory filing kicks off an 18-24 month timeline that includes a formal State review of the project, engineering, design and construction of the new facility, plus a community-based reuse process for the Central Avenue facility.

“Our number one goal throughout this process has been to work together to ensure that we have a stronger healthcare delivery system in Chautauqua County,” said Chris Lanski, chair of the Brooks Hospital Board of Directors. “This once in a lifetime opportunity – building a new hospital – will only make it better for the patients that we serve.”

Lanski said the town of Pomfret location will give Brooks Memorial the ability to achieve special hospital designations moving forward, enhancing the hospital’s reimbursement models. Just as important, the site is located in an area that can meet the required zoning and obtain appropriate construction approvals in an expeditious manner.

Proper infrastructure played a major part in the decision as well. Brooks was looking for at least 25 acres, the appropriate utilities — power, gas, water, and sewer — while addressing environmental concerns such as wetlands, and historical/archaeological considerations.

The new hospital will be a smaller and right-sized facility and is part of the Brooks Memorial-TLC Health Network Transformation plan.

Included in the 100,000 square-foot project are 21 medical/surgical beds, four intensive care beds, four bed maternity, an imaging suite plus an 11-bay emergency department, four operating rooms and two procedure rooms.

The Brooks Board of Directors – along with its hospital relocation specialists – Clark Patterson Lee Engineers, Stroudwater Associates and Turner Associates in Lakewood – reviewed over two dozen potential sites over the past year, all in an effort to find the best location to build a new hospital.