Silver Creek ready for phase III of sewer project

SILVER CREEK — The Silver Creek Village Board approved a bond resolution during a recent meeting, effectively authorizing phase III of a sewer system capital improvement project that is estimated to cost $3,487,000. The project is expected to be paid for by federal, state and county funds.

“There are three grants out there that are available,” said Mayor Nick Piccolo. “We have received a $100,000 grant to do the study and we’re hoping that we’ll get another grant that will help offset the costs.”

“This is phase III of the sewer system capital improvement project called Inflow and Infiltration (I & I) that’s been going on for a couple of years now,” said Village Clerk Thomas Postle. “It involves evaluation and investigation of various sewer repair work consisting of sewer lining, lateral sealing, manhole rehabilitation, spot repairs, flow monitoring and all ancillary work connected to it.”

The ultimate goal of the project is to reduce the water coming from the sewer lines “like ground water and things like that, into the sewer plant,” said Postle.

“We’re hoping that this will conclude and we won’t have to go into phase IV, because we’ve reduced the inflow of water and everything quite a bit.,” Piccolo said. “We figured this one here is going to reduce it even more.”