Brocton narrows candidates for director of curriculum to three

OBSERVER Photo by Andrew David Kuczkowski Brocton Superintendent Jason Delcamp, second from left, reads his superintendent’s report during Wednesday’s board of education meeting. Pictured from left are Doug Walter, Delcamp, board president Michael Riforgiato and first vice president Steve Smith. The district is down to three candidates for its director of curriculum position and is in the beginning of the process of a capital project.

BROCTON — Brocton Central School District has three candidates in mind for its director of curriculum opening, while the administrations dabbled into the beginning of a possible capital project.

The three candidates will be interviewed to the board of education during next week’s special meeting on Oct. 17. The search began mid-September and will look to have a hire by the Oct. 25 meeting.

Brocton Superintendent Jason Delcamp noted that certain traits brought out these three candidates, which will benefit the school.

“Knowledge of special education, an area of concern that the state issued with students identified with disabilities within the classroom,” Delcamp explained. “These candidates have knowledge of inclusion classrooms, a least restrictive environment. We felt that experience is what the district.”

When it comes to the capital project, the district leaders are currently attending a multi-phase training to learn how to conduct and follow through with the project. The district budgets roughly $100,000 each year for small works, however, this plan looks to be on a grand scale for the betterment of the district.

Although the idea is out there, the project has not begun. The project looks to encompass the studies for possible fixes or needed repair.

“We started to have the discussion to work into a larger capital project, where it would have to go out to the voters to approve,” Delcamp said. “So, we at least have to start learning discussions about the major needs coming up and start the process because it’s a three- to five-year process.”

As far as hinting towards what could come about during the idea process, Delcamp had no suggestions:

“No, not right now. Right now, we know we have to do some small repair, possible some roof repair. Right now, it is good, but how does it look in three years from now? It’s things like that,” Delcamp said.

It was estimated that the public hearing segment of the capital project will begin in spring 2018, though that is tentative.

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