Concert generates supplies for food pantry

GOWANDA — The Gowanda Food Pantry, which is part of Love INC (in the Name of Christ), held a concert on Sunday at the First Presbyterian Church in the village. The Eden Appalachian Mountain Players, of Eden, performed to bring the community together as the pantry ran a food drive.

Despite having a good time listening to live music, the supplemental goal was to fill the shelves at the pantry.

“We are doing fine, but we do expect more people in November and December,” Gowanda Food Pantry Director Doris Jones said. “What I want people to realize is that we give food out year-round. Some people think that we do it only on the holidays.”

Jones has been a part of the community since she began teaching in Gowanda 50 years ago. Having these events unites the community, both pantry goers and local residents. The food pantry, like any, always wants new donators as other neighbors may be in need.

Jones has seen a lot in Gowanda, especially over those 50 years. Each recipient has a different level of need, however, some struggle to accept help.

“I have seen that, where it’s been painful for some to come,” Jones said. “They come only because they have to. It’s too bad that they feel that way, but I understand. I remember one lady came, and it was clear she didn’t want to be there, I didn’t know the circumstances. She got her food and I didn’t see her again. … But we were there when she needed us.”

Love INC and the Gowanda Food Pantry are open to donations, both food and money. Love INC is located at 15 W. Main St., Gowanda and the food pantry is at the First Presbyterian Church, 64 E. Main St., Gowanda.