Pickup strikes vehicle, crashes into CVS light post

OBSERVER Photo by Damian Sebouhian Pictured is the scene at CVS parking lot after a man in a pickup reportedly suffered a medical condition causing his truck to strike a vehicle and careen into a light pole after swiping the side of the CVS building.

An accident occurred in Dunkirk on Monday at approximately 2:45 p.m. when a man in a dark green pickup driving south on Main Street near the Sixth Street intersection, swerved and struck a southbound vehicle. The car careened into the CVS drive-through, swiped the corner of the building and crashed into a light standard in the CVS parking lot, where the vehicle came to a stop.

Dunkirk Police and Fire responded to the scene, along with Alstar.

“We don’t know if he suffered some medical condition,” said police chief David Ortolano. “It’s what we’re thinking at this point.”

Ortolano said that the driver was unresponsive “at the time that we got here. Rescue arrived with Alstar Ambulance and they took him over to the (Brooks) hospital. There was one minor injury from the other vehicle (he struck) as well.”