‘Pier-ing’ into the future

City receives grant for Pier bike path improvements

OBSERVER Photo by Nicole Gugino Pictured is the crosswalk at the City Pier. Dunkirk has received grant funding to improve the area.

Even though the grant is called “mini,” the city of Dunkirk hopes for a big impact from the funds awarded for improvements to the bike path in the area of the city pier.

“The Chautauqua County Health Network Mini Grant was awarded to the Planning and Development Department of the city of Dunkirk. It has received $1,395 to support pedestrian and bike path improvements across the pier. The project funds will be used to clearly mark the bike trail path from the east side of the waterfront to the west side of the trail,” Development Director Rebecca Yanus explained.

The department also plans to recruit some talent and have some fun with the project.

“It is the city’s intention to put out a competition to all high school students to design a unique and colorful crosswalk for this location. The winning design will be picked by Mayor Rosas and the city council,” Yanus added.

This grant comes as one of several ongoing by the department. From park improvements at Point Gratiot and Wright Park to identifying zombie properties, developing a comprehensive plan and becoming a Brownfield Opportunity Area Community, the Development Department has its hands full.

“For those of you in the public, you hear our development director, Rebecca, speak at almost every single council meeting about all the things that are going on in the city of Dunkirk. If you want to find out exactly everything, because sometimes it gets confusing, … she has a very nice report that she hands out to all of us at the Economic Development Committee meeting with all the different grants we receive, what stage we’re at with all the grants. … It’s amazing for me to look at the chart and see all the different things that are actually happening in the city of Dunkirk. We hear enough about, ‘There’s nothing going on in the city of Dunkirk, there’s nothing going on here. What about this? What about that?’ There’s a lot going on here through that department, I can promise you that. If anybody’s interested in getting the real story and the truth about what’s going on, all the investment — public and private — that would be a great opportunity to learn,” Councilman-at-Large Andy Woloszyn said.

The next Economic Development Committee meeting is Oct. 17 at 4 p.m. in city hall.