Bank delay causes city to weigh credit card payment options

If the city will be late for its self imposed deadline on credit card and online payments, it may as well weigh its options, according to one official.

At the November Finance Committee meeting, Treasurer Mark Woods explained a change in KeyBank’s credit card system vendor will put off the update until the end of January — after the Jan. 1 deadline outlined in a previous Common Council resolution.

At the recent council meeting, First Ward Councilman Don Williams Jr. said the city may as well take advantage of the delay.

“Can we for the December committee meeting have KeyBank, Lake Shore (Savings Bank), Community (Bank), whoever wants to come in, give us a presentation on what they can do, because I believe Jan. 1 was what council was thinking? If we have everybody come in and we have our information, then I think that would be helpful and help us make a decision for where we go at the first of the year,” he said.

Woods said he has reached out to another entity for the service.

“We do have a private company that I have talked to. We’ll have a preliminary presentation next week of what they have to offer the city. So we are looking at other options, not because of the delay, but to see what else is available,” he explained.

Williams said he’d like presentations from local banks to see further options.

“If we’re going to be delayed to begin with, maybe we’ll have to delay a lot and get under a bank that’s going to cover it and get everything done for us,” he said.

The next finance committee meeting is regularly scheduled for Dec. 21.