From Dunkirk to Albany, and back

OBSERVER Photo by Nicole Gugino Dunkirk Mayor Willie Rosas will attend today’s State of the State address in Albany.

Dunkirk Mayor Willie Rosas plans to keep up his relationship with state officials in Albany in 2018 with his first visit to the state capital today for Gov. Andrew Cuomo’s State of the State address.

Rosas left Tuesday night and said he plans on listening to the address and attending several gatherings while he is there.

Before departing, he said he hopes to hear the governor has put aside money for roads and infrastructure.

“I’m hoping he will continue to raise the amount of money that we receive in CHIPs; it’s money we receive for paving roads. Many municipalities like the city of Dunkirk are in a position where we need to pave many of our roads and don’t have the money to do it. … The NYCOM unit that I’m a member of is hoping the governor is going to add more funds into the CHIPs funding. Also, our infrastructure continues to be something we have to deal with. We’ve been doing really well. The Fourth Street project is a prefect example; we received some funding and we’re able to not only pave that street, but before we paved it, we got underneath and put some new pipes in there. That’s what we want to do when we pave roads. We want to do infrastructure first and then pave. So, I’m hoping to hear from the governor that there will be some funds for infrastructure,” Rosas said.

Rosas will be back in town later this week and not far behind him will be Lt. Governor Kathy Hochul. Rosas said he believes the lieutenant governor’s visit has something to do with a request he made as well as a the close working relationship with the governor’s local representative, Lori Cornell.

Hochul will be delivering the message of the State of the State locally on Friday at 11 a.m. at the Clarion Hotel.

“I’m proud to be hosting it (Hochul’s speech). I would encourage city residents and everyone in the community to hear first hand from the lieutenant governor what the plans are because that’s where you get to hear it from her,” Rosas added.