Compliance a priority for new Chadwick Bay director

Nate Aldrich, new executive director of the Chadwick Bay Regional Development Corp, sits next to mayors Willie Rosas and Athanasia Landis.

Two agencies focused on regional success are on board for a shared employee, putting the partnership between Chadwick Bay Regional Development Corporation and the Northern Chautauqua Community Foundation in motion.

After last month’s Chadwick Bay meeting, the memorandum of understanding approved by the board was brought to the NCCF board, who holds Nate Aldrich’s contract. It passed its second wave of approval and went back to Chadwick Bay for a final approval. Aldrich said Diane Hannum, NCCF’s executive director, was ready to sign the one-year contract the next day and officially set it in motion.

“It’s the start of something I haven’t seen done before. I think it’s the start of something very good. … I think this brings a lot to the table. I just hope the public understands exactly what it does,” Portland Supervisor Dan Schrantz said now that Chadwick Bay will be active again, member boards need to know the organization’s significance and the significance of Aldrich’s appointment in order to facilitate more regional thinking.

Aldrich is also the community economic development specialist for the NCCF’s Local Economic Development initiative. He maintains an office in the SUNY Fredonia Technology Incubator for his work with the LED. That will now serve double duty for his work with Chadwick Bay as well.

Chadwick Bay has decided to maintain it’s 501C3 designation and asked Aldrich to take the lead on compliance issues. He said that is his first priority.

“The focus in the next month or two is looking to see in terms of financial record keeping what needs to be done, trying to get the organization back in good standing, training, etc. Once we see what that situation is and get that all up to snuff, we’ll focus on other projects, initiatives, etc. So, taking a look at what’s already sitting on the shelf, dusting it off, filling the gaps and getting all the communities on the same page with some low-hanging fruits to build some momentum again,” he said.

He added Fredonia is now on board and Hanover has been receptive to rejoining, but there is a scheduling issue with Thursday meetings.

The board will discuss its budget at the next meeting.

The board also thanked Pat Stokes for his work as director for the past few years and passed a motion to send him a card and gift of appreciation.

Schrantz reported he has continued to research a health insurance consortium and was recently told the government is once again making it easier to form them.

Jay Warren reported on the Local Waterfront Revitalization Plan, pointing out there are policies that need comment from member agencies including a controversial public access provision for any new subdivision. He said the comment period is going on now. Once the document is sent to the state for final approval, it is much more difficult to change. Information and online comment links are available at