County grad rate shows small decline

New York state saw an increase in its graduation rate, while Chautauqua County saw a minor decrease.

According to the state Education Department, the county rate fell from 84 percent in 2016 to 83 percent. That’s still better than the statewide average of 80.2 percent.

“New York’s graduation rate continues its steady, upward trend,” said state Education Commissioner MaryEllen Elia. “We see incremental improvements across the state, holding onto last year’s gains and slowly building upon them. And that’s good news. At the same time, however, troubling gaps in achievement persist, and we must accelerate the pace of improvement.”

Locally, the numbers were mixed, with Brocton having the greatest decline in rates and North Collins showing the biggest increase.

Here were the results, as reported by the state education department:

¯ Brocton, 64 percent, down from 84 percent.

¯ Cassadaga Valley, 88 percent, up from 80 percent.

¯ Chautauqua Lake, 74 percent, down from 82 percent.

¯ Dunkirk, 75 percent, down from 78 percent.

¯ Forestville, 92 percent, up from 88 percent.

¯ Fredonia, 90 percent, unchanged.

¯ Gowanda, 81 percent, unchanged.

¯ Lake Shore, 88 percent, unchanged.

¯ North Collins, 98 percent, up from 87 percent.

¯ Pine Valley, 84 percent, up from 78 percent.

¯ Silver Creek, 89 percent, up from 83 percent.

¯ Westfield, 88 percent, up from 82 percent.