Forestville schools capital project vote set for May 15

OBSERVER Photo by Damian Sebouhian Members of Young & Wright Architectural Shawn Wright (partner) and Jacqueline Dudkowski (project manager) present the scope of the capital project to the Forestville board of education.

FORESTVILLE — The team of Young & Wright Architectural and Municipal Solutions presented the full scope of Forestville’s $3 million capital project to the school board during a recent meeting.

The renovations are planned for both Forestville schools, with the elementary building targeted for 56 percent of the investment and the middle and high school building expected to receive 44 percent.

The proposed project scope for the middle/high school building includes:

¯ Renovating the 1995-portion of the roof, which has been experiencing leaks and is currently out of warranty. “It’s past its useful life and is impacting the school budget in order to maintain it,” explained Project Manager Jacqueline Dudkowski.

¯ Renovations to the science rooms to replace HVAC systems, drain lines, plumbing filtering system, emergency eyewash/shower stations, gas lines and shutoffs, sinks and drain traps, chemical storage, fume hoods and electrical connections. Also, cabinets, flooring and ceiling systems will be repaired/replaced.

¯ Renovating the bus parking lot. The area has deteriorated to the point of exposed substrate. “It’s not as simple as topping it with asphalt,” said Dudkowski. “It’s something that needs to be dug up and reconstructed with something more durable so you can continue to park the buses there without having this happen over and over again.”

The proposed project scope for the elementary school building includes:

¯ Installing an emergency generator. “Currently there is no emergency generator,” said Dudkowski. “In order to support your important systems like the safety systems, phone, computer servers and PA systems, you need a generator there in case of a power outage.”¯ Replacing the heating and ventilation systems. “The unit ventilators in the classrooms are really old and they’re not working efficiently,” Dudkowski said. “They would all be replaced. Other portions of the building are being under heated or over heated.”

In explaining the financial aspects of the capital project, architect Shawn Wright stressed that there would be no additional public taxes raised.

“About 95 percent of the project is aidable by the state of New York,” Wright told the board. “It falls under their guidelines for state aid. Currently your aid ratio is 86.1 percent. For every dollar you spend, 86.1 cents will be refunded to you by the state.”

Wright said that the district’s reserve fund of $669,799 is more than enough to cover 14 percent of the capital project cost.

The next step for the project is a March 8 board of education resolution and a State Environmental Quality Review Act (SEQRA) process followed by a 45-day public comment period, which will lead to the public vote to be held on Tuesday, May 15 from 1-8 p.m. at the Forestville middle/high school auditorium lobby.

If the voters approve the project, construction is expected to begin for the middle/high school portion by the summer of 2019; the elementary portion would begin it’s construction in the spring of 2020 and close out by the end of that year.