Gowanda hires interims as search nears for positions

OBSERVER Photo by Andrew Kuczkowski The Gowanda Board of Education hired Dale Weatherlow, left, as interim director of finance and student services as Joelle Woodward, right, approaches her departure to Cassadaga Valley Central School District.

GOWANDA – The Gowanda Board of Education approved a duo of interims at its recent meeting, as the district will soon search for new heads to lead the school. The district has openings for superintendent and director of finance and student services (one position) and, barring how the superintendent selection goes, a high school principal as well.

The school board approved Dale Weatherlow for interim director of finance and Dan Cassidy for interim high school principal.

“Dan Cassidy was the former dean of students at the middle school, high school. He retired a few years ago. He does some per diem work at Carrier and LoGuidice (Center) as a substitute principal. So, he is a natural choice to fill in for me for the next couple weeks. He knows the faculty, he knows the school. It’s great to have him back.”

As for Weatherlow, some Southern Tier residents may remember his recent work in the Jamestown Public School District. Others may remember a controversial, but long ago past that once affected Weatherlow.

In 1996, Weatherlow’s contract was terminated from the district as he allegedly knew of the then-school board President Robert Culpepper’s misuse of a district credit card. Litigation ensued and Weatherlow won as he remained an employee at the district. From then, he grew into the assistant superintendent for administration position and retired from the district on July 1, 2014.

Returning as interim for Gowanda, which comes with a loss of Joelle Woodward to Cassadaga Valley, is a great temporary replacement, per Gowanda Interim Superintendent Dr. Robert Anderson.

Anderson complimented Weatherlow, saying, “He is a seasoned veteran.”

The search for a new superintendent will begin soon as a hire will likely happen in the summer, Dr. Anderson admitted. Dr. Anderson ran for the position when James Klubek took the job, and he is pondering on if he will rerun to keep the role full time.

“I am thinking about it,” Anderson said. “Yeah, I am getting my feet wet, seeing if I like it. Potentially (running).”

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