Gowanda Police has record month of calls in January

Gowanda Police

GOWANDA — The Gowanda Police Department received 509 calls for service in the month of January, which department’s Officer-in-Charge Dennis Feldmann says is a record high. To put into perspective, 509 calls for the month means around 16.5 calls per day or around two calls every three hours.

“Breaks all record,” Feldmann said. “They (the officers) are all following the SOPs (standard operating procedures) that we’ve changed up and our rules and regulations. Now, our officers are on board and we have everything in place that is standardized with every department. … They’re all doing a great job.”

Feldmann sees the record-high as a result of the officers being diligent and documented well. Also, the equipment in the vehicle is upgraded and makes it easier for the officers to handle each case.

Though the village doesn’t have a court system — thus the charges are filed to the residing towns — Gowanda benefits the area as a whole.

“If tickets or arrests are made, we were looking to see some of the money come back to the department,” Feldmann said. “They (the state) explained to me, if you have a healthy town and finances (including tickets), it keeps the towns tax rate lower in the town of Persia and the town of Collins. And both towns have said if you need something, call us.”Feldmann has been officer-in-charge for nearly a year, with his hiring date being March 15. He has been active in standardizing the department with his previous workplaces and that knowledge helped him get his footing for his position in Gowanda.

“If there were things I didn’t know what to do or was unsure, there were people I can reach out to who have done it,” Feldmann added. “So, it was nice having the law enforcement background where I know other people to reach out to at other departments.”

In January’s report, Feldmann added that the two newly hired officers, Megan Ess and Mitchell Schultz, have cleared training and will begin regular shifts. Also, Gowanda Village Trustee Aaron Markham assisted the department in receiving a defensive tactics training from a group in Williamsville later in March.

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