Hanover approves extra funding for basketball program

HANOVER — Upon Councilperson Louis Pelletter’s request, the Hanover Town Board approved an additional $500 to go toward funding this spring’s youth basketball program for Forestville students.

The basketball program used to be run by the village of Forestville, but since its dissolution, Hanover has taken over to help with the funding.

The tentative schedule for the program is March 6 through April 14.

“We still have to finalize everything,” Pelletter said.

The basketball program, though funded by Hanover, will take place in the Forestville high school building.

Pelletter updated the board on the youth rec summer program, explaining that both Forestville and Silver Creek school districts will be involved and that any student attending either schools will be eligible.

The current plans include the possible hiring of two directors instead of just one and activities will include swimming, youth rec, lunch sponsored by Chautauqua Opportunities and up to six field trips.

“We’re going to bus the kids from Forestville to (the) Silver Creek school,” Pelletter said.

Last year there were two separate programs, with Silver Creek charging families a fee while Hanover and Forestville charged nothing.

“We’re going to come up with some kind of compromise using the Silver Creek program as the basis because they already had it figured out on the number of kids in one family and how they pro-rated (the fees) and how that all worked,” said Pelletter.

The summer program will go from 9 a.m. to 3 p.m. five days a week.