Reorganizing the Silver Creek historical room

SILVER CREEK — On the request of Hanover Town Councilmember Louis Pelletter, the Silver Creek board of trustees approved a motion during a recent meeting to “re-key” the historical room and the dining car and authorized Pelletter “to go up to the (Silver Creek) school to (retrieve) historical property, return it and restore the room to its original state.”

Pelletter, along with trustees John Burt and Stephen Romanik, had toured the historical room and the dining car and reported that both spaces were in severe disarray.

“They both need some attention,” Pelletter said.The councilmember is making it one of his goals to cleanup and reorganize the spaces as they both represent prominent icons of the past and should be used as resources for the coming generations.

Improvements include installing a handicap accessible ramp for the dining car and updating the inventory for the historical room.

Pelletter had a major hand in getting the historical room up and running back in 1978.

“I have a personal interest because I gave my word to those people that donated their things to the village that it would be safe and secure,” Pelletter said. “I feel obligated, that as long as I’m alive, to make sure that happens. In years past we even did a historical talk at the library. I think it shows an interest in the community because you have to know where you came from to know where you’re going.”