UPDATE: Forestville school lockout lifted

Forestville Central School was under a lockout earlier in the day.

FORESTVILLE — Forestville schools are no longer under a lockout.

According to a notice on the district web site, the school has determined it was safe to lift the lockout. “The Sheriff’s Office worked with the District to make this decision,” the notice said. “We appreciate all their efforts. We would like to thank everyone (staff, students, parents, support staff, community members) that assisted in today’s lockout.

“Student and staff safety is always our first priority. As such, we take every threat seriously. This morning’s lockout was a precautionary measure and we are grateful that the school day proceeded without incident.”

The Sheriff Department apparently notified Superintendent Renee Garrett of the potential unfounded threat on Thursday evening.

“We know that the safety of our students and staff is important to everyone. Based on information from the Chautauqua County Sheriff’s Office and in order to allow their investigation to proceed without interference, we determined it was safe for students and staff to be in school today and that it was important to wait to inform every one of the lockout until this morning.”

Some parents, however, have voiced concern about the notice after the children were in school. Others removed their children from the building.

The Forestville schools have two buildings, one that houses the middle and high school students and the elementary location.