Licensing dogs help bring them home

SHERIDAN — As Sheridan Town Clerk Rebecca Schafer read off the town’s Dog Control Officer Steve Purol’s report, there was one thing that stuck out.

“One call received from the (Chautauqua County) Sheriff’s Department for a dog, which attacked a goat and two unlicensed dog calls,” Schafer read.

There were two unlicensed dog calls in the month of January.

Town Supervisor John H. Walker II has seen this become problematic not only for Sheridan.

“Every week or so I keep seeing these updates that cross my desk of how many unlicensed dogs we got. It seems to be an issue everywhere, not just here,” Walker said.

“But last week, I was over at one of our judge’s houses and there is a real nice looking husky outside that has gotten loose. Beautiful dog (with a) collar and a tag, so it didn’t take all too long to find out where it belonged.”

Walker added that a few days later, he was informed of two more dogs getting loose, but the owners did not prepare them as well.

“A couple days later, a couple boxers got loose,” he said. “One got hit by a vehicle and killed. The other one stood around it and finally, somebody took that dog home and we got ahold of the dog warden, but no tags on either one. Beautiful dogs, but we still don’t right now know who they belong to. What I am getting at is that we can’t help people if people don’t respect the law and get their dogs licensed.”

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