Silver Creek superintendent presents school budget

HANOVER — Silver Creek School Superintendent Todd Crandall presented the proposed $24.5 million 2018-19 school budget as well as the proposed purchase from its vehicle reserve to the Hanover Town Board during a recent meeting.

Both propositions will be on the ballot for the May 15 vote.

Crandall said that next year’s budget is proposing “an increase of about $1.2 million over this year.

“We had about $700,000 worth of special education students move in this past school year that we hadn’t planned for, so we’re planning accordingly and we built that into next year’s budget,” Crandall explained.

The budget is being funded as follows:

¯ State aid: 66 percent

¯ Tax levy: 25 percent

¯ Native American aid: 5 percent

¯ Native American impact aid: 2 percent

¯ Fund balance and reserves: 1 percent

¯ Other revenues: 1 percent

Expenditures include:

¯ Instruction: $14,565,374, or 59 percent of the budget

¯ Benefits: $4,805,912, or 20 percent of the budget

¯ General support: $2,293,728, or 9 percent of the budget

¯ Transportation: $1,421,807, or 6 percent of the budget

¯ Debt services: $1,429, 567, or 6 percent of the budget

Crandall explained the reason for the estimated tax rate increase of 2.55 percent.

“Last year, for this year’s budget, we could have gone out at 1.67 percent and we chose to go out at 1 percent,” he said. “We tried to be responsive to the taxpayers, but this year we feel we need to go out at the maximum.”

While the tax rate will be increasing by $9.61 for Hanover’s homeowners, both Brant and Sheridan homeowners will be seeing a decrease of $.04 and $.06 respectively.

The vehicle reserve proposition involves the purchase of two buses, which Crandall said “has no impact on taxes.”

The estimated cost of the two large buses is at $234,061.92.

To find out more detailed information about the two proposals, go to

The Tuesday, May 15 vote will take place in the High School lobby from 1-9 p.m.