POW flag to replace state flag at Ames Commons

OBSERVER Photo by Gregory Bacon Cassadaga plans on removing the state flag and replacing it with a POW flag in Ames Commons. The state flag will be flown at the fire hall.

CASSADAGA — During a recent meeting, the Cassadaga Village Board of Trustees voted unanimously to replace the New York state flag with the POW flag at Ames Commons.

The POW flag had flown along with the American flag at the park until the end of 2017, when it was replaced with the state flag, causing many residents to voice their complaints.

A petition was sent out by members of the American Legion, collecting 214 signatures.

“I believe that (the POW flag) has as much right on the pole as the American flag,” said Vietnam War vet and longtime Cassadaga resident George McIntyre. “If you go back and look at the base lines for what it’s made for as far as people fighting for democracy and protecting the constitution and sacrifices and go back to look at the MIA/POW flag, it’s the same thing. … It balances it out.”

He, along with two other residents at the meeting argued that the park has more visibility than the three other flagpole locations, the fire hall, the post office and the American Legion building and is more important than the state flag.

“I have nothing against the New York state flag, but I don’t believe that people appreciate that flag as much as they used to,” Mcintyre said. “Times have changed. People know where they live, especially when it comes tax time.”

After the motion was made by trustee Theresa Seibert to replace the flag at the park, trustee Bill Astry raised a concern about the state flag.

“Since every pole in the village will now have a POW flag, we should put the state flag here so it will at least be flown in the village,” Astry said.

Trustees Seibert and Amanda Kalfas agreed and an amendment to the original motion was made.

“I make a motion that we fly the New York state flag here at the fire hall and we will remove the POW flag to replace it.”

The motion was seconded and unanimously approved.