Provider agrees to look for new meth clinic site, Rosas says

OBSERVER Photo by Jimmy McCarthy Drug clinic providers say they are no longer looking at this site, which is near Northern Chautauqua Catholic School.

It appears the methadone and opiod clinic will be looking for a new home.

This afternoon, Dunkirk Mayor Wilfred Rosas announced that after meeting for several hours with the operators of the proposed opioid clinic, the operators have agreed to seek a different site location for the opioid clinic to be established here within the city.

“The clinic providers have been extremely cooperative, and have listened to the concerns and issues that the parents and I have brought up,” Rosas said. “It is their desire to be good community partners, and they do not want to be the agency that is seen as responsible for the closing of Northern Chautauqua Catholic School.”

In recent weeks, the clinic was proposed for Third Street and Park Avenue. However, other locations will now be looked at.

Rosas went on to say, “This clinic is needed here in Dunkirk, and we are grateful that the operators are willing to establish a clinic here, and in a location that will be accessible to those in need while building strong alliances with the surrounding areas.”